Welcome to tozzhin

Tozzhin International Corporation Co., Ltd. was estabished in February 5, 2002 and is one of the fastest growing company in Thailand that trades in ferrous and non ferrous metals. Our vision is to serve tailor made material and logistic solution to our customers in Thailand and  South-East Asia region. Tozzhin International Corporation imports these materials worldwide. Our number one priority is to strive continously to search for the best quality and quantity that fulfills to our customer demands.We handle all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The main materials we deal with are aluminium, copper,steel and high carbon steel. Our main customers are in automotive, electronic, electrical appliances industries and construction area.

The core competence we have is that we offer extra services such as :

  • By investing the latest to technology machineries, Tozzhin is able to do the cutting, slitting and shearing ourselves. The results are that we can control the quality of our customer needs.
  • The J.I.T (Just in time Delivery) which is supported by our superbly experienced knowledge of global logistics regardless of the volume involved.
  • We have associated company. Tozzhin Enterprise in Malaysia which means we are able to serve the customer more products and services in short delivery time.

Our motto is making a continous effort to keep our customers satisfied by providing quality products, services and delivery. We are happy to make every personal effort to achieve this aim. The goal of Tozzhin Int. staff in this global market is to give a personalized and consistant service towardsevery inquiry from our valuable customers.